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robot club in Mexico
A few weeks ago, Roberto Rios, a computer engineering student at the Universidad Nacional Autonomus of Mexico and an avid robot builder wrote to us about the robot club he belongs to there in Mexico City. He had a great story to tell, and included a video clip of one of their neat line follower robots.

We were really intrigued, and asked him if he wouldn’t mind sending along some photos of himself and the club members.

The club develops robots that compete against other North and Latin American university teams in contests throughout the region.

We were kind of surprised to discover that the oldest robot competition in Mexico is just a little over 11 years old. Now they are starting to branch out into other areas of robot development, design, and competition.

Here’s what Roberto told us when he forwarded the photos:

“This Saturday I take a picture of my club’s friends. All of them are engineering students, from electronics, mechanical, computer, and mechatronics.”


“The next picture was taken last year. I wear a red jacket.”

robot club leaders

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