More on the Robot Arm/Claw (Video)

It’s always nice to know that someone out there actually reads your blog. We posted yesterday about the new robot arm from RT Corporation in Tokyo - the one that looks a lot like Armatron. Within a few hours of posting about the new gadget we received a very interesting email with some new information. . .

The email came from, and let us know that the RT robot arm is being exported from Japan - at least it’s being exported to Europe (we haven’t heard anything from the US yet).

It’s scheduled to go on sale by Robosavvy sometime later in March. No price was mentioned, but we have an email in to them requesting more information to share with all our readers. We’ll let you know what they come back with.

In the meantime, so you don’t get bored, here’s a new video clip (well, more of an ad really) featuring the soon-to-be-available robot arm in action:


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