Leave It To The Watchmakers! Tiny Robot Soccer Player

It's small enough that if you didn't look closely, you might mistake it for a cigarette lighter. Take a closer look at the Eco-Be and you'd notice that it actually has tiny wheels. Look even closer, and watch it in action, and you'd be amazed to find out that this microscopic robot is actually a soccer player.

Yesterday afternoon, March 6th, Citizen Watch unveiled a new mini-robot that's all of 2.5 centimeters tall and 1.8 centimeters wide.

It goes without saying that the Eco-Be robot utilizes small motors based on Citizen's watch making technology. Power comes from an on-board coin type battery. The robot is remote controlled using an IR transmitter connected to a personal computer.


Eco-Be is a joint development project between Citizen and Osaka University, and they plan to enter it in the robot soccer competition scheduled during this June's RoboCup convention in Germany.


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One thought on “Leave It To The Watchmakers! Tiny Robot Soccer Player

  1. Tick this one off the list.This is one class of robots we will have to watch as time goes on , I see these little bots hitting the market for kids toys, cheap whole soccer teams in a box… beats those card games the kids play now….

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