Leave It To The Watchmakers! Tiny Robot Soccer Player

It's small enough that if you didn't look closely, you might mistake it for a cigarette lighter. Take a closer look at the Eco-Be and you'd notice that it actually has tiny wheels. Look even closer, and watch it in action, and you'd be amazed to find out that this microscopic robot is actually a soccer player.

Yesterday afternoon, March 6th, Citizen Watch unveiled a new mini-robot that's all of 2.5 centimeters tall and 1.8 centimeters wide.

It goes without saying that the Eco-Be robot utilizes small motors based on Citizen's watch making technology. Power comes from an on-board coin type battery. The robot is remote controlled using an IR transmitter connected to a personal computer.


Eco-Be is a joint development project between Citizen and Osaka University, and they plan to enter it in the robot soccer competition scheduled during this June's RoboCup convention in Germany.


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  1. Tick this one off the list.This is one class of robots we will have to watch as time goes on , I see these little bots hitting the market for kids toys, cheap whole soccer teams in a box… beats those card games the kids play now….

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