How Do Mexican Robots Run? (Video)

The simple answer to that question is "Con mucho gusto!" as we easily saw from the line follower robot competition video sent to us by Roberto, a computer engineering student in Mexico, and an avid robot builder.

Roberto has been regular visitor to Robots Dreams for some time.

He's enjoyed many of the articles and videos here, and decided to take the initiative to share a video showing off the line follower robot his club developed. We hope you enjoy it-

Here's what Roberto wrote to us about his background, the status of robot contests in Mexico, and what he thinks of Robots Dreams:


I live in Mexico City, I'm a computer engineering student at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonomus of Mexico). I belong to a club that develops robots for university contests in Mexico, the USA and Latin America.

In Mexico the oldest robot competition (since 11 years ago) is the line follower. Today there are many other categories in the contest.

We are very far from the micromouse robots level, but I want to show you what we are doing in my country. This video was the 6th place 6 months ago; it was developed by my club. In two months will be the national contest, then I will record video and then I will send you the fastest one.

Well thank you.

Roberto Rios

Ps. I'm a fan of your web page, I see it every day and I have a lot of ideas when I see the videos. For me, it is one of the best websites on the net.


I don't know about you, but we would certainly like to learn more about Roberto and his club's robots. He may be visiting Tokyo soon, so if our schedules match we'll try and link up with him and report about it here.

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