And The Robot Winner Is? (Video)

There are endless debates, usually in bars, over which fighter is better. If you could put Mike Tyson in the ring with Mohammad Ali, who would emerge triumphant? It’s no different with robots. Each robot has strong supporters and feels that their robot is unquestionably the best in the ring. For example, Matt Bauer obviously thinks he knows who would win a match between the Robonova and the Robosapien. . .

A little disclaimer might be in order before we get to the video that Matt produced. We’re not taking sides on this one. We have a Robosapien, really enjoy it, and even went to the trouble of creating a PC based remote control program for it so that we could potentially challenge other robots in the ring.

At the same time, we certainly admire the Robonova and other Robo-One type robots, and wish that we had one of them too. It’s hard for us to judge which might be ‘better’, or which would turn out the victor in a head to head, no holds barred grudge match.

 Matt seems to be a little bit biased towards the Robonova.
 Did the Robosapien get a fair chance? How about a rematch?

That out of the way, we do think that Matt makes a very strong case for his opinion, and clearly demonstrates some very strong production and staging skills. Hopefully he’ll follow a career that involves robotics, but if not, he can always find employment as a fight promoter.

Here’s how Matt thinks the Robot Fight Of The Century would turn out? [Warning: this video is rated R because of the use of violence and potentially offensive language.]

What do you think?

Any takers? Anyone want to put their robot where their mouth is?

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2 thoughts on “And The Robot Winner Is? (Video)

  1. Violence is so last millennium! :-)

    How about a dancing competition?

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