You Know That The Robot Wave Is Gathering Steam (Video)

Image00059We’re all convinced that the ‘robot wave’ is gathering momentum and is about to hit the civilized world like a ton of bricks or some sort of robotic tsunami. However, we’re all dyed in the wool robot lovers, so it may be hard for us to look at the situation objectively. But, there is at least one major piece of evidence that seems to indicate that we’re right on target. Robots are invading, and taking over, television commercials…

I have no idea why it is or what the primary driving force behind it is, but, nevertheless, a lot of the robot hobbyists we’ve had the chance to chat with seem to think that a major reason for having a robot is so that it can bring them a beer.

Of course, the major beer companies have observed the same phenomena and have the robot community dead-center in their sights. You can tell immediately from the commercial below, how focused the beer companies are on promoting “beer and robots”, especially beer and combat robots.

Frankly, just the thought of it scares me a bit. Who will be the first person to be thrown in the clanker for operating their robot while under the influence?


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