Will Tilden And WowWee Robots Win Again?

The American International Toy Fair 2006 is a little more than a week away. Last year, the original Robosapien robot walked away with the "Most Innovative Toy of the Year" award. This year, the Roboraptor is in the running for the same award.

Unlike other, clearer categories, the 'most innovative' award seems to be a little arbitrary in nature. How do you compare the relative merits between nominees that range all the way from a R/C car to  a 'pentop' computer to a video/music player.

It's probably not a good sign that the Roboraptor writeup on the T.O.T.Y. Final Nominees webpage (see link below) is the shortest, and least inspiring of the bunch.

Nevertheless, the Roboraptor is our personal favorite. We'd give it the award in a heartbeat, no question.

  Robosapien is up against competition from
  Air Hogs Zero Gravity, iZ, the FLY Pentop Computer,
  and the VUGO Player.

Although the show is "open to the trade only", there are always lots of new product announcements, news releases, photos, and promotional videos that show up in the press during the fair. When the Robosapien had it's initial debut at the Toy Fair, Mark Tilden did some great promotional videos that went into many of the BEAM robot design principles that made it so astounding. We think that copies of those video sessions might still be available online at the Solarbotics website.

It's a given that WowWee will be doing a lot to promote the new Roboreptile (scheduled to start shipping this summer) and the RSMedia robot.

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