The Robot Road To Torino (Video)

After we posted about Dynamizer, the Robo-One battle robot, taking to the slopes to demonstrate his skiing technique, we exchanged some emails and found out that Mr. Sugiura, Dynamizer’s developer, has two sons (or perhaps he and his son are as close as ‘brothers’– it’s hard to tell  in Japanese). As you might expect, the Sugiura brothers are heavily into robotics, and have a robot named Dynamizer Jr. that skis like it’s getting ready to go to Torino.

Dynamizer Jr., created by the Sugiura brothers, is really pretty impressive. The video clip they were kind enough to share with us shows the robot going through a full sequence of ski moves. They even have the robot jumping on command and swinging its arms to generate momentum.

Their efforts really paid off. As you can see in the video posted on the popular Japanese website (see link below), Dynamizer Jr. not only makes some long ski runs, it makes turns, does jumps (slight jumps perhaps, but definitely jumps), and would definitely out ski us on the snow.

 Dynamizer Jr. demonstrates a few ski moves.

 Dynamizer Jr. even jumps on command, and makes
 some impressively long runs down the ski slope.
 He also sports a great ski sweater!

We’ll definitely see more of Dynamizer Jr., and robots from the Sugiura brothers as time goes on. The next major robot event here in the Tokyo area is the Robo-One competition in  March. It’s a three day event with the Robo-One J contests scheduled for the first day. We’ll be in the crowd rooting for Dynamizer Jr. Who knows – we might even wave a special banner to cheer him on.

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