Spiderman's Transformer Robot (Video)

Imagine a world where Spiderman drives a Bat-mobile and flies around in a robot transformer named Marveler. A world where the chief villain looks a cross between Tetsujin 28 and the Borg. Where the evil princess bears a strong resemblance to Wonder Woman. And where the hero that saves the day is the Clint Eastwood ‘man with no name’ character from ‘Fistfull of Dollars’, only now he carries a guitar that doubles as a machine gun. Sound bizarre?

We thought so, until we happened across the video clip below. We were doing some research on Japanese robot anime and manga characters – hoping to get more insight into why the Japanese do so well at designing robots that always seem to end up looking like Gundam.

From what we can figure out, sometime during the late 1970’s Marvel Comics must have licensed Spiderman to Toei in Japan. Of course, the Japanese public would have had a hard time relating to the trials and tribulations, not to mention the deep personal angst of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman.

So, why not give them something they could relate to?

The final mashup combined Spiderman, Power Rangers, samurai swords, transformer robots, and other weird and wonderful stuff. We almost broke out laughing when the cowboy hero started to sing a ballad, then turned his guitar on the bad guys. Really funny, classic stuff.




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