Save The AIBO Robot Dog!

The MacPatrice blog in France has created an online petition for AIBO fans worldwide to voice their displeasure and frustration to Sony over the AIBO product cancellation. The petition, in both French and English, as of this morning had already gathered 6 pages of signatures.

Will it help? Will it cause Sony to reverse their decision and revive AIBO? Perhaps not, but it certainly won't hurt to try. Keep in mind that it was only through the action of devoted fans that Star Trek  managed to survive similar cancellations and become legend. Add your name to the petition, and let your friends know about it too!

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  1. It would be a shame to loose Aibo

    See also the cards announcing Aibo’s death I found on

  2. I still have my AIBO dog. Should I sell it on ebay? Is there any reason to keep it at this point?

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