Robot Trading Cards

Popular, and sometimes not so popular, baseball players have trading cards, so why not robots? The ROBO-PRO, “Humanoid Robot Production” organization, has issued a set of 14 robot trading cards featuring some of the most well known robot competitors here in Japan.

Before you ask, yes – we bought a set of the cards when we visited the Tsukumo Robot Kingdom in Akihabara this morning. We made the trek into Tokyo to pickup some bits and pieces for one of our robot projects, but we never pass up the chance to stop by Tsukumo to see what’s up and chat with the staff.

It’s kind of dangerous, especially for our wallet, since we usually find lots of neat new robot kits, books, or components. This morning we bought a set of the robot trading cards, a couple of robot character figures (Chroino and VisiON), and some back issues of the RoboCon magazine.

In addition to winning numerous prizes in the Robo-One, Robo-Fight, and Robo-Gong competitions, some of the robots featured on the trading cards, like Yokozuna Great and Hajime Robot, have appeared on prime time television programs, and have traveled overseas to participate in major robot events including the RoboGames in the U.S.


Others, like Chroino, which made Time Magazine’s “Coolest Inventions 2004” list, have been developed more as ‘characters’ as opposed to battle robots.


It’s interesting to note that the last two robots in this image were developed by Nakamura-san of Himeji Soft Works, the same fellow that is responsible for WR-07 – the Transformer robot that we posted the video of a few days ago. Here’s what the back of those two cards look like:


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Nakamura's WR-07 Transformer Robot


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