Robot Comedy Act?

Jimmy Durante (yes, we are old enough to remember Jimmy, especially his nose), used to have a great comic line where he would throw up his hands in frustration, shake his head, and say, “Everybody wants to get into the act.” That appears to be what’s happening recently with robot here in Japan. They are popping up everywhere. The latest is Hitachi’s EMIEW robot that’s booked to share the stage with the “Pen Ton” penquin hotel mascot.

Inspite of the fact that the EMIEW (pronounced “emu”) runs around on wheels, Hitachi promotes it as a ‘humanoid’ robot. The Hitachi robot group, inconjuction with Hitachi Building Systems has teamed up with the Sheraton Grand Hotel ? Tokyo Bay, to put on a show twice a day from March 6th through the 12th.

The hotel mascot is a cute penquin character named “Pen Ton” that has a lot of ‘kid’ appeal, which is kind of appropriate since the hotel is within a stone’s throw of Tokyo Disneyland.

The shows will last for 15 minutes each, and start at 12:00 noon and 15:30 in the second floor lobby of the hotel. According to the article, Pen Ton will try to teach EMIEW how to behave as a good “hotel man” including using the right words, language, and manners.

  We suspect there just might be a carbon based
  life form hidden inside Pen Ton. . .

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