Roboreptile Robot Photos and Video Surface in France

The folks over at in France must have an inside track to Mark Tilden and the WowWee Robotics organization because they keep turning up new photos, videos, and seem to actually have been playing with a few of the newest robots like the Roboreptile.

Their Robosapien themed weblog, aptly named "Robosapien le blog", has been growing by leaps and bounds with the addition of new posts featuring the Roboreptile, P.E.A. BOT, new color versions of the Roboraptor, and Robosapien V2 Media.

If you're a WowWee Robotics/Mark Tilden fan, like we are, you should definitely consider adding the RSS feed for their weblog to Bloglines or whatever news consolidator/reader you happen to prefer.

Here's a brief rundown on a couple of the most recent additions to their collection-

Le Roboreptile vivant -  A really striking and impressive video of the Roboreptile in motion. If the robot really moves like that, and we have no reason to doubt that it does, then it is definitely going to sell like hot cakes when it hits the stores this summer. It's so fast and aggressive that WowWee might be risking potential lawsuits since it looks capable of traumatizing some sensitive young children - and adults for that matter. We're convinced that our dog Austin, who was afraid of the Roboraptor, will wet the floor and maybe even pass out the first time we let the Roboreptile loose in the house.

Le Roboreptile arrive... -  Interesting photo of the robot apparently sitting on its haunches. We didn't realize that one of the robots walking/running positions is in exactly this pose until we saw the latest video.


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