Robo Fight 3 Scheduled For May in Osaka

Most robot fans outside of Japan know about the ‘Robo-One’ competitions, but haven’t heard anything about the Robo Fight and Robo Gong events. That’s a shame, because in many ways the Osaka based Robo Fight and Robo Gong competitions tend to be more fun, draw a wider range of competitors, and are often much  more interesting than their Robo-One counterparts.

The Robot-Force website, a key source of information for Kansai based robotics, just posted the updated Robo Fight 3 event schedules.

In the past the number of entries has been somewhat limited by the  venue size, but this time around, they have managed to secure a space large enough that there is no limit on the number of competitors.

The events are scheduled over the three day period – May 3rd, 4th, and 5th at INTEX OSAKA (International Exhibition Center.)

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