Pleo Robot Dinosaur Videos Surface


Ugobe, the new startup founded by Caleb Chung the creator of the Furby, unveiled their new Pleo robot dinosaur at the Demo '06 event a few days ago, and video clips showing the new robot in action are already starting to surface on the internet.

Our favorite Pleo video, so far, is the C/Net interview (see links below). Rafe Needleman had a great opportunity to interview Bob Christopher, Ugobe's CEO, about the Pleo design as a 'life form' rather than a 'robot', it's use of AI and self awareness, release dates, prices, and target market demographics.

Plus, the video includes some great action close-ups of Pleo doing things like walking, nuzzling a finger, being held like a baby (after all Pleo is supposed to represent a week-old dinosaur infant), sensing the table edge and not falling off, and the like.

There's even a short glimpse of what the Pleo looks like without its skin on. 

 Unlike the WowWee robots, Pleo is designed to be cute and cuddly.

 No abrupt or jerky moves, the Pleo appears easy to relate to.
 Under its skin, the skeleton looks like it might present some interesting
 opportunities to hack.

The Pleo's movements look extremely smooth and lifelike. It seems to act like a Saturday morning cartoon dinosaur baby. It won't be long before it really does have its own television program.

In addition to the video interview, Rafe wrote a very detailed and insightful post on the Release 1.0 Fresh Produce blog that digs into a lot of the Ugobe strategy with Pleo and the future robots they have on the drawing boards.

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6 thoughts on “Pleo Robot Dinosaur Videos Surface

  1. The movwement looks very fluid, I am keeping a close eye on this one.

  2. It’s cute, but it gives the impression of a very
    “slow” (dumb) animal. I think it actually looks
    cooler without the skin (just the “skeleton”).

  3. The realistic movements are amazing. Slow, but very life-like. I think this is much more impressive than the Wow-Wee products. My wife already wants one because it’s so darn cute (and I have to agree).

  4. Is there an easy way to record and save this video (incl audio)? I couldn’t do this with Streamdown?

    Please advise how. Thx

  5. I have to say that pleo looks like one of the best things ever invented!

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