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The website just published a new interview featuring Mark Tilden, the “robotics rock star” that gave birth to the Robosapien, Robosapien V2, Roboraptor, Robopet, and a whole bunch of other robot creations. The interview, conducted by an extended series of Blackberry message exchanges, covers some well known historical background, but also manages to disclose some new insights into Tilden’s thinking, and where he might be headed with new robots on the WowWee drawing boards.

Among other things, Tilden compares Hong Kong with Bladerunner, mentions Pocky (), talks about fat-fingering his Blackberry, explains why he believes “things with motors are on the rise” (i.e. robots), gives a nod to the Mindstorms NXT robotics system (be sure to check out what he has to say about combining NXT with a Robosapien), and offers his opinion about the hacks that have been done to his robots by fans.

He also drops a few hints about what he would like to see the hackers attempt, which is a little like waving a juicy steak in front of a junk-yard dog that hasn’t been fed in weeks. This will really trigger a lot of hacker energy and effort. It’s going to be fun to watch.

From his comments about the upcoming RS-Media robot, it sounds like a wonderful hacker platform complete with a Linix kernel.

How does he feel about the Robosapien V2?

“. . . a self-stable, 2 foot tall, hack-able multi-motor humanoid with a mostly empty head. Someone either better give it smarts or let it run for office.”

Oh, did we forget to mention that along the way the interviewer also managed to sneak in a plug for T3 – the magazine that featured one of the best robot eye test photos we’ve seen in a long, long time-

 Robot fans – there is a girl
 hidden in this cover photo.
 Can you find her?

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One thought on “New Mark Tilden Interview Online

  1. Nice Interview!!

    I also have new News

    regarding Technical documents and schematics from Mark Tilden regarding the Vision System….

    also interfaced my BX-24 Chip to Robosapien, working on tons of new hacks, tilt sensor control, VB program to program chip/dance routines, additional sensors, and interactions with v1

    keep up the site Tempus, always love reading the new good here !!!


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