New LEGO Mindstorms NXT Photos

What is probably the premier toy event of the year - the International Toy Fair - opened a few days ago in New York, in the midst of a blizzard that almost shut down the city. Thankfully, the toy press and reporters braved the storm and have been filing lots of stories and photos - including some great photos of the new LEGO Mindstorms NXT system.

The Toy Fair is an 'industry only' event - which means the general public can't get in, but we can certainly enjoy the buzz and information from the lucky folks that did. Jim Kelly, who publishes "The NXT Step" blog (see links below) discovered a super set of LEGO Mindstorms NXT images from the Toy Fair on the ASMzine website. [Thanks Jim!]

In addition to showing some of the NXT robot models that appeared at the CES Show in Las Vegas last month, the ASMzine photos give more insight into how NXT might be packaged commercially, and the parts that may be included when the system hits the store shelves this August.

ASMzine also published photo albums from the Toy Fair that include images of other new LEGO product offereings, like the Batman, Exo-Force, and Star Wars sets.

  Visit the ASMzine website for NXT and other LEGO product photos from the Toy Fair

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2 thoughts on “New LEGO Mindstorms NXT Photos

  1. I can’t wait to get one!
    But I don’t see any “regular” LEGO blocks in the pictures. I hope it will be compatible with all of the other LEGO pieces…

  2. Don’t worry human,
    I am pretty sure that LEGO technic pieces are compatible with all the regular pieces…

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