More on the X-VEAAT Robot (New Video)

In response to our earlier post about the X-VEAAT robot created by Ionitron, "human" at wrote in to ask, "Interesting, but it's not clear from the video if the wheels are powered or not. I would like to see it "drive around" in addition to flexing it's legs. By-the-way, wasn't R2-D2 a robot with legs+wheels?"

Great observation. So, we did a little research and came up with another really interesting video of the robot in action that should clearly answer his first request. . .

If "human", or any other of the carbon based life-forms that follow this blog, really want to dig into the detailed X-VEAAT design, then let us know and well see how much detailed information Ionitron would like to divulge. That being said, we can definitely tell you that the robot can, indeed, move around on its powered wheels.

In fact, as you can see from the video below, it can even spin around in place, or move around with it's wheels going in different directions.

Got a flat tire? No problem. Just lift that leg off the ground and motor off.

 Each leg has a set of gears that drive the wheels 

Here's what it looks like in motion-

It can probably even do the Samba, something I have never been able to master.

As for R2D2. . . yes, I guess you could say that it was a robot with legs+wheels.

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3 thoughts on “More on the X-VEAAT Robot (New Video)

  1. Neato!

    I guess I forgot to mention in my previous post how impressed I am. It looks great!

    I was just so inspired by the robot’s potential, that it felt like a “tease” just to see the robot on a small desk. That machine looks like it really wants to climb over some rubble or rocks, or some mountains!

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