Help Wanted: Hobby Engineering is Expanding

It seems like the robotics wave is gaining momentum worldwide, not just here in Japan. One of our personal favorite U.S. sources for robots, kits, parts, and sage advice - Hobby Engineering in Milbrae, California - wants to hire additional employees. This looks like a unique opportunity for the right individuals, so if you're interested, read on. . .

By way of full disclosure - we have no business affiliation or relationship with Hobby Engineering, we're just a happy customer that would like to see them hire good people so that we can continue to enjoy their excellent service and support.

Here's what they're looking for, direct from Art Margolis, the founder of Hobby Engineering:

Hobby Engineering is Expanding!

We are on track to grow a lot this year and I need to hire my second full time employee as soon as possible.  What I am looking for:

- Someone with a demonstrable track record building things with the kinds of supplies we sell.  It can be robots,  kinetic art, electronic modules  or almost anything else.  I need to see that you can both come up with a creative idea and turn that idea into a tangible result.

- Someone with a strong work ethic.  Building things is hard work.  I need you to help build Hobby Engineering as a company.  I need you to help me finish some unique products and services that I have in the pipeline.  I need you to help our customers build things too.

- Someone who wants to learn a lot about a lot of things in a short period of time.  Hobby Engineering is already at least a little bit different than those other places selling robotics / electronics.  By the end of 2006 I plan to be a lot different.

- Someone who can explain our products and technology to students, artists and hobbyists.  This will include telephone tech support, in store retail consulting and teaching classes.  You don't have to be a professional engineering but you do need to start with a reasonable how-to level of knowledge about the products we sell and have the ability and interest to learn more.

What you will get:

- A fair but not outstanding salary.

- More or less no benefits package.  I expect this to change in 2007.

- A chance to play with great toys as part of your day job.

- A solution to that dilemma of deciding what to do with all your free time.  This year will be very intense.

What you will do:

Your main mission will be to bring our technology to customers in a very tangible way.  That will include explaining products via the web, one-on-one and in front of a small classroom.

To make that possible you will help develop new products and services that are not being offered anywhere else.

You will also have to help the business in any way that is needed. That may include packing orders and sweeping the store.  At first there will be a significant amount of this routine work as I bring in new staff and systems.   Within a few months it should be a small part of your job.  Don't bother applying if you think you are "above" cleaning the toilets (but I'll probably keep doing that job myself for now).

If this sounds interesting please reply off-line to and let me know the best way for us to begin a conversation.  I'm ready to have the right person start working today.

-- Al Margolis

PS:  I am also looking for a part time employee or two to help with shipping and packaging.  This is a great job for a college student.  I mainly need help in the afternoon and mainly early in the week. Availability Monday from about 2pm to 5pm is essential.  Beyond that I can be fairly flexible to work around class schedules and other commitments.  I need at least 20 to 30 hours total help per week. This may be either one nearly full time position or two part time positions depending on the applications I get.

Al Margolis


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