BimP: Jake McKee Interview – LEGO, User Community, Mindstorms and NXT

This may seem a little bit like the "You got chocolate in my peanut butter", "No, you got peanut butter in my chocolate" routine, but however it happened, we love the resulting fusion of our personal passion (robotics) with one of our favorite toys/hobbies (LEGOs), delivered via our favorite method of getting information (podcasts). That's exactly what we were delighted by when we ran across the February 3rd "Bricks in my Pocket" podcast interview featuring Jake McKee. Jake reveals a lot of the background behind the LEGO NXT build-up, and how they scored the Wired magazine cover article.

Steven and Nikki's BimP podcast is excellent, no question, and it's even better when they manage to land extremely relevant guests to interview, like Jake.

The interview, BimPCast 20 (see link below) is particularly timely since Jake just announced that he is leaving LEGO after a little more than five years.

Steven and Jake get into a lot of the LEGO Mindstorms history, Jake's background pre-LEGO, how he happened to join LEGO, the challenges he and his associates faced in building internal support and buy-in for the user community, the tremendous influence that the users have on LEGO Mindstorms direction, and much more.

The total podcast runs around 45 minutes, and provides lots of insight into not only LEGO, but also community based marketing in general. There are lots of good 'stories' as well, like when Jake relates his heart-tugging "You work for LEGO" story. 

Our rating:

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