A Gathering of Robots (Video Link)

NY1 - New York City’s “24–Hour Newschannel On The Web” has been running an interesting series of articles on the latest in consumer technology. The Valentine’s Day post and video (see links below) focus on robots like Robonova-1, LEGO Mindstorm NXT system, the P.E.A. BOT, and other new robot technology.

Unlike many of the so-called ‘technology reporters’, NY1 Tech Beat Reporter Adam Balkin actually seems to know what he’s talking about injects a lot of his own personal interest and enthusiasm into his work.

His video and article earlier this week on new robots, titled “Technology On The Horizon: Robots Enter The Real World”, opens with a short glimpse of the VEX system, then shifts to the new LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotics system. There are some really nice closeup videos of the system, including a scene with the bipedal NXT robot walking that will certainly yield up some additional clues about the NXT system. He even managed to capture Soren Lund on camera and had him say a few words about the market positioning of NXT.

While the WowWee Robotics part of the video did show the Robosapien V2 Media, the real highlight was a clip showing the Segway-P.E.A.Bot moving around.

Balkin also scored a hit with the folks at Hitec and captured one of the Robonova-1 robots showing off. The only minor problem we had with this part of the video was when Balkin interviewed Glen Merritt of Hitec Robotics.

Perhaps it was the heat of the moment, but Merritt obviously wasn’t familar with the robotics contests, like Robo-One, that originally gave birth to the Robonova. For example, his explanation of the contest, ‘… like  sumo wrestling where they’re trying to push the other robot off the table’ and even his reference to the Robo-One ring as a ‘table’ weren’t even close.

There are also a few other interesting robots on the video, like Flexo “The Balancing Robot” developed by Ologic. All things considered, we’re glad we took the time to watch the video, and would definitely recommend it to others.

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Robots Enter The Real World - NY1 article and video - the video is streamed in 'Real' video format (which some people seem to dislike), and can be viewed via the link in the article next to the Robosapien image. The link looks like this- Image01071


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