"A Car And A Robot Are A Boy's Dreams" (Video)

A lot of the toys we play with as kids have a huge influence on what we desire as adults. If you played with 'Transformers' as a child, then it's only natural that you would want a robot that can transform itself into a car. And, if you happen to be a Robo-One robot designer, you just might go ahead and make one yourself. . .

That's just what Nakamura-san at Himeji Soft Works in Japan decided to do, and he certainly had the know-how and experience to make it happen.

The robot/car creation, named "WR-07" had us drooling, as you can easily imagine from the screen shots below. It's featured in action in the latest streaming video on the robot-fan.net website (see links below). We can hardly wait to see it do its stuff in person at the Robo-One competition event here next month.

 The car smoothly and easily stands up . . .

 and in a few seconds it's a Robo-One class battle robot. . .


 and after the fight, it turns back into a car and drives off in victory.

Very, very cool. We want one!!!

The quote, "A car and a robot are a boy's dreams", is our rough translation of the March Hare's comment in Japanese, writing about the transforming robot. We think he's right on the money. Here's the video - what do you think?

Note: The video has been so popular that it overloaded the robot-fan.net site.

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10 thoughts on “"A Car And A Robot Are A Boy's Dreams" (Video)

  1. Well, the site is back up but the video is gone… Anyone have a mirror?

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  4. Holy crap, sign me up right now! Where can i buy one?

    Very impressive, now if only someone could make one out of mindstorms or a vex kit, that would be super sweet!

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  8. Hey, even if this doesn’t “win” the robot competition, those things could sell for hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars across the world! XD *Dunno how much it cost to produce though…but now that one has been made, mass-production won’t take long…

    Now let’s all imagine what’ll happen when these fella’s grow a few feet taller…heh…pure awesomeness. ^^ This project has my total and utter support. *Now if only I was some kind of entrepenure…;-;*

  9. Hello, I am a technical student in mechatronics, and I would learn to make robots! you have a magazine or something like teaching!
    thanks for attention!

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