"A Car And A Robot Are A Boy's Dreams" (Video)

A lot of the toys we play with as kids have a huge influence on what we desire as adults. If you played with 'Transformers' as a child, then it's only natural that you would want a robot that can transform itself into a car. And, if you happen to be a Robo-One robot designer, you just might go ahead and make one yourself. . .

That's just what Nakamura-san at Himeji Soft Works in Japan decided to do, and he certainly had the know-how and experience to make it happen.

The robot/car creation, named "WR-07" had us drooling, as you can easily imagine from the screen shots below. It's featured in action in the latest streaming video on the robot-fan.net website (see links below). We can hardly wait to see it do its stuff in person at the Robo-One competition event here next month.

 The car smoothly and easily stands up . . .

 and in a few seconds it's a Robo-One class battle robot. . .


 and after the fight, it turns back into a car and drives off in victory.

Very, very cool. We want one!!!

The quote, "A car and a robot are a boy's dreams", is our rough translation of the March Hare's comment in Japanese, writing about the transforming robot. We think he's right on the money. Here's the video - what do you think?

Note: The video has been so popular that it overloaded the robot-fan.net site.

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  1. Scott Kennedy

    Well, the site is back up but the video is gone… Anyone have a mirror?

  2. Holy crap, sign me up right now! Where can i buy one?

    Very impressive, now if only someone could make one out of mindstorms or a vex kit, that would be super sweet!

  3. Introbulus

    Hey, even if this doesn’t “win” the robot competition, those things could sell for hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars across the world! XD *Dunno how much it cost to produce though…but now that one has been made, mass-production won’t take long…

    Now let’s all imagine what’ll happen when these fella’s grow a few feet taller…heh…pure awesomeness. ^^ This project has my total and utter support. *Now if only I was some kind of entrepenure…;-;*

  4. antonio carlos

    Hello, I am a technical student in mechatronics, and I would learn to make robots! you have a magazine or something like teaching!
    thanks for attention!


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