UK Micromouse Robot Contest Goes International

Tony Wilcox with the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) just sent out a notice alerting micromouse robot competitors and fans worldwide that the UK Micromouse 2006 event (see links below) is scheduled for June 10th.

This will be the third time the robot competition has been held at TIC, and, according to Tony, inquiries and registrations are already coming in, not only from the UK, but also from places as far afield as the West Indies, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Singapore, and Iraq.

(Hmmm - how about some competitors from Japan and the US ...?)

The event agenda includes competitions for contact wall followers, non-contact wall followers, maze solvers, and to wrap it all up - a micromouse robot drag race. They deliberately scheduled the drag race last fearing that some robots might damage themselves in the mad dash for the gold and glory.

The TIC Micromouse website includes event details, entry forms, directions to the venue, local hotels, and email contact information.

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