The NXT Wave Starts To Build

LEGO wanted to build momentum behind the new Mindstorms NXT Robotics system, and to get the opinion leaders in the Mindstorms community completely behind the product. It’s less than two weeks since they made the NXT announcement, but there are already a number of NXT groups and forums springing up.

Jake McKee, who holds the impressive title of ‘Global Community Relations Specialist for the LEGO Group’ pointed us to two interesting NXT groups that have been born since the CES show announcement.

The first one, titled “Lego Mindstorms NXT Forum” picked the creative url – which should be very easy to remember. Nxt Club is the brainchild of Steve and Lisa Chua.

Both of Steve and Lisa have been LEGO Mindstorms fans for a long, long time. Steve was building autonomous robots during his undergraduate days at MIT, then joined the MIT Media Lab research group in 1992. He ended up working in the ‘Epistemology and Learning’ group (can you pronounce that – I know I can’t) – the very same group responsible for the Programmable Brick project that eventually became the Mindstorms product. In fact, one of Steve’s early posts on the NXT Forum gives a detailed time line covering the whole Mindstorms history.

Steve and Lisa were founders of the University of Massachussets Computing Association. Both of them continue to experiment with LEGO robots.


The second site mentioned by Jake was, “All the Brick Thats Fit  to Click.” Nextbrick is an independent blog, edited by Joel Johnson with the help of other fans. The articles are always well written and thought out. For example, Joel had the opportunity be in the audience for the NXT announcement and wrote up a long and detailed report.


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