The Great Majingaa Battles It Out On Television (Video)

It’s no big secret that the Japanese love robots, especially robots that resemble manga or anime characters. The Robo-One biped battle robots fit the bill perfectly, so we’re starting to see more and more of the Robo-One robots show up on television here in Japan.

In the US and Europe, robots usually show up on science and technology programs, with a rare sighting from time to time in a prime time series that links in technology somehow like the KHR-1 robot cameo on Bones last month.

But in Japan the robots are fast becoming an integrated part of pop culture. You find them in television ads, commercials (referred to as ‘CM’ by the Japanese), subway and train advertising posters, and even variety programs (see video clip below).

Some of the robots, like Dynamizer, Yokosuna Great, OmniZero 2.0, and the Great Majingaa have developed enough of a popular following that you can actually buy trading cards with their photos and stats printed on the back – just like the US baseball player trading cards.

 They pay tremendous attention to detail and make the
 robots look exactly like the actors they are mimicking

 The Great Majingaa makes mincemeat out of his opponents.
 The lightening/sparks were added later to spice things up.

Here’s a 4 minute video clip of a Japanese variety program broadcast last fall that featured a battle between three Robo-One type robots dressed up to look like popular Japanese television talent and the Great Majingaa (the current Robo-One champion robot). 


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