Taking It To The Next Level!

I didn't play with Legos as a kid, but my children did and I had the pleasure of playing with them under the guise of helping the kids. So when the Lego Mindstorms RIS was released buying it was a no-brainer from the get-go. Over the years I've built numerous robots and other devices, and kept waiting for Lego to really do something dramatic with Mindstorms. . .

Frankly, a lot of people, myself included, waited so long that we had almost given up entirely on Mindstorms. It seemed as if Lego had totally forgotten the product line and it would soon be totally obsolete. Fortunately, Lego hadn't forgotten - they were actually busy preparing to take Mindstorms to the next level. And yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas they did exactly that. They announced and started demonstrating the LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ NXT system-

 Absolutely outta-sight!

 Slick design combined with great sensor functionality

  Put them all together and they don't spell Mother,
   they spell ROBOT!

Really, really cool! We can hardly wait to try one out!

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2 thoughts on “Taking It To The Next Level!

  1. yes they will sell for around $250usd from all accounts.
    But the new nxt isnt directly compatiable with the old stuff so make sure to read up on it first at lego main page. http://www.lego.com

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