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One of our regular readers wrote in to ask why we haven’t updated the Robot Resource links recently. That started a whole thought (and rationalization) process that ended up with a commitment on our part to do better. . . 

Instead of the links appearing way down the home page where few people will notice them, we’ve created a separate page just for our recommended links – sites that we find to be of real value to people interested in robotics. We’ve also added a link to the page at the top of our homepage to make it much easier to find.

If you know of any good links that would be useful to our readers, please let us know – even if it’s your own website – and we’ll certainly consider adding it. Also, if you find any dead links in our list, please give us a heads-up so we can fix it. You can always contact us at “ tempusmaster (at) ”.

Robots Dreams Resource Links
Websites we find useful enough to recommend


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