Robot Control: PC Game/Reality Hybrid by TeamKNOx

Here’s one especially for Robert. We frequently exchange opinions and ideas about robot control techniques, and so this should be right down his alley. TeamKNOx in Japan is working on a Robonova robot that looks like a real Robo-one battle robot competitor. For the robot control they’ve selected the Saitek CYBORG EVO PC joystick. 

It makes a lot of sense. PC joysticks like the Cyborg Evo are great for controlling your on-screen character, and they’re typically designed to take a lot of pounding and the abuse handed out by addicted gamers. What better proving ground for control flexibility, durability, and function than the computer game environment.

To communicate between their laptop PC and the Robonova TeamKNOx is using Bluetooth, which gives them a lot of flexibility to substitute controllers. They can use other game platforms, and even a Bluetooth equipped cell phone. This can be extremely important in the heat of competition when suddenly the equipment you planned on using suddenly gives up the ghost.

They’ve done a detailed analysis, and appear to be in the advanced testing phase of the implementation. If everything goes well, perhaps we’ll be fortunate enough to see them in action at the Robo-One and Robo-Fight competitions soon.




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