Robosapien V2 Troubleshooting Manual

The Robosapien V2 robot has been shipping for about six weeks now – long enough for some problems to start cropping up, and for users to experience some difficulties. Thankfully, WowWee seems to be paying attention to all the customer feedback. They created and posted an extensive troubleshooting guide on the V2 website.

   Robosapien V2 Troubleshooting Manual

The 14 page manual includes a whole range of detailed instructions including an explanation of the V2’s different walking gaits; how to get it to walk reliably on various surfaces and floor coverings – including shag carpet; why it sometimes falls over and how to avoid it happening; how to swap the V2 footpads; muffling the speaker; and many other tips and work-arounds.


Probably the most useful bit of information is the control “cheat sheet” – a color coded table mapping all the remote control buttons to the various functions.

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10 thoughts on “Robosapien V2 Troubleshooting Manual

  1. Rob,

    Thanks for pointing that out. Apparently WoWWee moved the webpages.

    I’ve fixed the link, so it should work fine now.

  2. I bought a robosapian V2 and now it doesn’t work after only having it for 2 years. I read up on it and I understand these were made with wires that corrode. Ive contacted woo wee toys and to my surprise they will do nothing about it. LAME!

  3. My sons robosapian powers up, then says “Brain batteries low, powering down”, even after I install NEW batteries. Can you please help me with this problem so my son can stop crying.

  4. Ok I took a look inside. The plastic cover on the wires are falling off, causing a short. I will have to rewire or insulate al the wires. Looks like a big job. They should have used better quality wire in my opinion.

  5. does any one where i can send the robot to be fixed

  6. My batteries are BRAND NEW and still does not work!!! The batteries get hot in the left leg.

    1. I actually bought a used one. Not wise I know, thought I’d take a gamble,cause I wanted it for a one time prank for son. After loading it up with fresh batteries, it wouldn’t work. A litttle later noticed the Lt foot was hot & so were the batteries. Good thing we noticed. We’ll take a look at the wiring since others said that was as issue.

  7. They all seem to have the same very serious design flaw (insulation falls off) in the legs of the v2 series., the wiring throughout the rest of the body is good.
    I have read that wow wee are working with the customers in the U.S, due to fear of a class action lawsuit, but people in the U.K. are screwed.., which is messed up./
    I got mine at a thrift shop for ten bucks., ima try to rewire the thing ” I guess i should’ve read a bit more before i gutted it!” ;plol

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