Robo-One Robots: Banshee from Team Lilac

With the next major Robo-One competition coming up soon (March 17,18, 19 in Tokyo), all the battle robot competitors are rushing to finish and test their latest designs and fighting strategies. We’ve been keeping an eye on the blogs to see how they stack up, and thought it might be interesting to introduce a few of the less well-known Robo-One participants – like Team Lilac.

Although the team’s name comes from the Lilac flower and color, their robots are anything but peaceful.

Quite the opposite, they have a very aggressive, “Don’t mess with me, boy” style, and often show up for battle outfitted like something straight from RoboCop or Universal Soldier.

Here are a few of their robots just to give you a taste of what Team Lilac is about-

  Banshee – their most current robot design

 Talk about a screaming banshee robot – this is it!
 Stay out of the way of those claws.

  Banshee is based on the KHR-1 robot platform

Some of their older, but still extremely impressive robot designs -


  Notice the GI figure – and check out their
  website for more military/robot images.

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Team Lilac Website (Japanese)


One thought on “Robo-One Robots: Banshee from Team Lilac

  1. Ohh, very nice, as a mechwarrior fan and an avid player of warhammer and necromunda, this beast reminds me of some of the earlier anime that i remember as a kid .
    Ill see if I can find a pic ,even the color was similar.. Thanks nice to see this robot.

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