Robo-One Primer – Chapter 1a – Pirkus-R's Little Brother

In a follow up post to Robo-One Primer – Chapter 1 – Pirkus-R Bipedal Robot, we mentioned that that the Pirkus-R robot has a cuter and less expensive younger brother. This is going to sound really strange, but last night we were chatting with the March Hare (true story) and he put us on to a great video (see link below) of the Pirkus-R Type-02 robot.

The Pirkus-R Type-01 robot is a full size, fully functional Robo-One type bipedal robot created by Jin Sato. 

The robot’s younger brother, the Type-02 is much smaller and only has eight servo controlled joints, but is still capable of some amazing moves – as you can see in the video clip, and sells for a much more affordable 34,800 yen (around $300 USD).

 In addition to being smaller, the Type-02 is much more compact
 and lends itself well to experimentation and add-ons.

 The robot is capable of doing some neat dance
 moves and can even function as a battle robot.

 The cabling is centralized and kept out of the way

Oh, we should also mention that the cute girl in the video is not included. You’ll have to provide your own. . .

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