Robo-One Primer – Q&A #1

Sprocket2cog wrote in response to our post on the Pirkus-R robot, "Nice...So did jim design this , or did someone else do it based on his work?" So, we did some additional research and came up with the answer plus some additional neat photos and videos of the robot.

Jin did indeed do the design and is mentioned by Robot Labs, the company that is manufacturing and distributing the robot, on their website. 

An article in the latest issue of the Japanese Robocon magazine (issue #43) features Jin and has a great photo of him holding the robot. We haven't had the time to translate the full article yet, but reading through it quickly it was easy to see that while Jin is still very devoted to Mindstorms, his horizons have broadened to include a much wider range of robotic projects.

One photo in the article shows a very impressive CNC milling machine that he uses to machine parts, while another photo includes several different bipedal robots in the background in addition to his own designs. We'll have to check more closely, but it looks like one of them is a Robonova robot. There's no mention of NXT in the article, but the interview must have taken place sometime in November or December, so Jin wouldn't have been free to talk to the press about it at that point.

Back to Pirkus-R, while researching the answer to your question, we dug up a lot of additional information on the robot kit. For example, there's a very detailed photo (see link below) with close-ups of the mechanical design, joints, servos, and other features: 

  Overall robot design photo

 Detailed photos of the elbow, ankle, and back panel jack

We also found some downloadable mpg videos of Pirkus-R walking, balancing on one foot, and doing a Kung-Fu crane pose (links below).

There is also a much simpler, cheaper, and definitely much cuter, Pirkus version - the "Type-02" - that only has eight servo controlled joints -

  Pirkus-R Type-02

It lists in Japan for 34,800 yen (around $300 USD). There is no mention of whether or not Jin had a hand in the Type-02 design.

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