Robert Does It Again! (Video)

First Robert Oschler wowed all of us by developing the Robosapien Dance Machine software that gave users the ability to control their Robosapien robot from their PC, and create action (dance) sequences. Then he raised the ante by adding voice recognition control. Now he’s in the process of expanding it yet again – this time to control all of the WowWee Robotics robots – and he’s allowed us to share a video with you that really shows off what his system can do.

Anyone can, with a little practice, control the robot using the standard remote control. But what the Robosapien Dance Machine systems enables you to do is to create repeatable sequences, play them back, edit them, and correograph  your robot(s) the way you want them to perform.

The current release supports the original robot, often referred to as the “V1”, but Robert already has the next version working in the lab that also supports the Robosapien V2, Roboraptor, and Robopet. This makes it possible to control all the current WowWee Robotics robots at what appears to be the same time. The video below gives just a small taste of what can be done with the Version 3 release.

The program has a user friendly graphical drag and drop interface that makes controlling your robot fun instead of frustrating – especially if you’re as clumsy with remote controls as we are. The program also features voice recognition, so you can say something like “Robot sit” to your Robopet and watch it obey your command. Another great feature is that since the scripts you create are stored as files on your PC, you’ll be able to share and trade them with your friends that also have the Robosapien Dance Machine software. Very, very cool.

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  1. Lol yeah the first text in movie seems to be very true….

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