On The Boards: Robosapien Humor

The Robosapien online forums (there are quite a few of them now) tend to be meeting places for dedicated robot hackers to hang out and exchange their latest projects, successes and failures, and share technical information about circuit, sensor, and motor hacks. Recently however, some of the posters have been showing a real sense of humor and creativity.

The "World Domination" thread posted on the Unofficial Robosapien Hacks and Mods Forum (see link below) is a great example. It started with a couple of really amusing images put together by 'Robosapien V2 4mem8'.

That drew some attention and comments. A few days later 'mrrobot' countered with another funny image featuring a Robosapien (V1) and its clone getting ready to take over the globe.

Then 'TractionMan' contributed a beautifully done Robosapien V2 fighter pilot training photo plus a funny 'Red Bull' image. Hopefully they will continue the thread - we like it a lot.

 TractionMan's image is so good, and so funny, we think he should
  sell it online as a poster. We'd buy one to frame and hang on our wall!

Great stuff. Whether or not you own a WowWee robot, this is worth checking out.

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