More On The WowWee Sneak Preview

Mark Tilden, the inventor of the Robosapien, has a long standing relationship with Solarbotics, and is in regular contact with the staff there. He recently shared some information with Knitsu about the next generation robots that were sneak previewed at the CES show.

According to Knitsu, Mark wrote to him before the show with more background on the RSmedia robot – the next generation Robosapien V2:

“RSmedia is our big item for this year. It's going to be a stand alone walking, talking, LINIX engine with complete microcode reconfigurable personality, VGA picture and movie and MP3. Swappable SD card HD up to 2 gig (comes with only an 8m card though).

Shipping Sept 1 2006

You can let that out to the fans if you like.

-M. W. Tilden”

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