Mark Tilden Demonstrates Roboraptor (Video)

Was a Roboraptor robot under your Christmas tree? Had fun playing with it? Wondering if your robot is really doing all the wonderful things it was designed to do? Check out the video clip below with Mark Tilden demonstrating the Roboraptor.

Tilden, developer of the Robosapien, Roboraptor, Robopet, Robosapien V2, and a host of other robots, is featured in the video (posted by ‘michperu’) putting the Roboraptor through its paces.

While he’s shining the remote control’s green light on the table top to tell the robot where he wants it to move, he refers to the light spot as the ‘pickle point’ (he must like pickles on his Big Macs). Notice that he points the green spot, then waits for the Roboraptor to respond. If you move it too quickly, the robot either gets confused or misses it entirely.

Also, Tilden mentions the Roboraptor’s ‘full speed’ mode, which it turns out is much slower in the video than we had originally expected. From all the pre-release enthusiasm and promotion we kind of expected the Roboraptor to race across the floor. Well, at least now we know that our robot is performing perfectly normal.


One thought on “Mark Tilden Demonstrates Roboraptor (Video)

  1. This Video has being posted under News last year i nthe Summer apart of Evosapien, it was not an exclusive, but just thought I would mention it has being around for a while :-)

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