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The education market has been a major factor behind the success of LEGO Mindstorms, and to keep the momentum going as they transition to the Mindstorms NXT robotics system, LEGO Education has started publishing the "Mindstorms Education NXT" blog.

The new Mindstorms blog already has lots of good information for everyone. Some of the tidbits that we found particularly interesting:

  • They are developing a new independent software programming environment for education use that will come out in 2007.
  • The new Education NXT set will include re-chargeable batteries, lamp bricks, and special converter cables to allow existing LEGO Mindstorms sensors and motors to be used with the new NXT system.
  • A new CD-based curriculum is being developed for the Education NXT set at the Robotics Academy of Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Education NXT sets will start shipping in August, but they expect to have pre-ordering information available this spring.

The new blog also includes links to other useful pages including a list of upcoming conventions and conferences (where you might be able to see  the NXT system up-close and personal), an FAQ, and others.

And, we happened to notice that they're using Typepad for the weblog, just like we do.

Secret: try refreshing the Mindstorms Education NXT weblog page a few times and notice what happens to the photo at the upper right. . . Someone's been having a lot of fun building NXT robots.  

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Many thanks to Sprocket2Cog for alerting us


One thought on “LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT Blog

  1. The BrickFest 2006 Conference will be held Aug 25-27 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. With NXT being released that same month, I expect a lot of focus on the newest Mindstorm kit.

    link to

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