Knock, Knock – Who's (in) There?

A very interesting Robosapien image was just posted on the French "Robosapien - le blog" weblog. We're not sure yet, since there is very little information included with the image, and what was included is all in French, but the image could hold some clues to the RSMedia robot design and features.

Or, it could be a total red herring. But, given the fact that seems to be the main sponsor for the French blog, and they have had reliable advance information on WowWee robots in the past, we tend to believe that the image is for real.

As Robosapien robot fanatics have the chance to examine it closely, we're sure there will be lots of interest and debate in the online forums. The things that immediately caught our attention include-

The robot's overall design looks very much like the RSMedia that was shown at the CES show in Las Vegas earlier this month. What were bright blue design highlights on the CES robot are black in this image.

The red eyes remind us alot of the original Robosapien. Personally, for a robot like this, red eyes look much better, and are more menacing, than blue eyes.

 The highlight colors and some other features appear to be different
 from the CES robot, but otherwise it looks like an RSMedia.
 Check out the original image (link below) and let us know what you think.

And, there appears to be some writting on the screen. It almost resembles handwriting. If we squint we think it says, "Help me! I'm trapped inside! Mark."

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