High Resolution LEGO Mindstorms NXT Photos

By now you’ve all seen the photos of AlphaRex, the bipedal walking robot built using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system, but since most of the reporters seemed to focus totally on AlphaRex, you may not have seen some equally fascinating NXT robots like Tribot and Spike, or gotten a peek at the new programming system.

Like Edgar Allan Poe’s story about The Purloined  Letter, it turns out that there are 8 high resolution images ‘hidden’ in plain sight – on the LEGO company Press Room webpage (see link below).

The image files are large – over 2 megabytes each – so if you’re still on dial-up they might take a while to download. The good news is that the resolution is so high on the downloaded images that you can easily zoom in on construction details.

The same webpage also features high resolution photos of other popular LEGO products – just use the ‘Select category’ pull-down to see what’s available.


 Left to right: MINDSTORMS RoboArm, Tribot, and program.

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