CNN CES Video Coverage Includes LEGO NXT and Roboreptile

CNN’s Renay San Miguel was at the CES show in Las Vegas last week, and one of his video segments included a short peek at both the new LEGO NXT system, and the WowWee Robotics Roboreptile in action.

Renay’s video clip (see link below), titled “Quirky, cool” at 2006 CES is only 3 minutes long, and tries to cover many of the ‘off-beat’ electronic gadgets that are scheduled to hit the store shelves during the coming year.

Needless to say, he couldn’t devote much time to any one particular product, but two of our personal favorites did manage to get some screen time. The LEGO Mindstorms NXT system is shown in the form of the trick slot machine designed with NXT, and there is a very brief discussion of the product.

The Roboreptile, on the other hand, manages to upstage Renay by getting so aggressive that they had to quickly turn it off right in the middle of the demo. Very cool. You can also see the electronic ‘food’ the Roboreptile tries to catch, and the cowl that is used to calm him down. 

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