BemBot From Finland Makes All Other Robots Obsolete

Forget about Roomba. Forget about Robosapien. Forget about Robo-One. Robot researchers in Finland have come up with the ultimate household robot. Named the ‘BemBot’this fantastic Finish creation sweeps floors, fixes dinner, washes the dishes, answers the phone, and is constantly at your beck and call.

The BemBot television commercial is included below for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately it was never aired in Finland since BemBot was a robot parody, pure and simple. 

Jan-Erik Frigren and his friends created the BemBot video several years ago, and recently uploaded a copy to Google Video where we happened to find it. The language is apparently Finish, though we can’t tell for sure.

BemBot can do all the daily cleaning jobs around
your house or apartment.

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One thought on “BemBot From Finland Makes All Other Robots Obsolete

  1. How fun that you found my video. Thanks for promoting it!

    I’m in the robotsuit myself because my friend didn’t fit in it. So he shot the whole thing while drinking vodka one Monday morning.

    Sadly Juha, the “owner” passed away a couple of weeks ago. A great natural actor and a great guy.


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