Abbe Normal Robot (Video)


Remember the classic scene in ‘Young Frankenstein’ where Igor (Marty Feldman) is being questioned by Young Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) about the monster’s brain. . . Abbe Normal. . . Abbe Normal. . .

So, what would the robotic equivalent be? We discovered, much to our surprise and delight, earlier this afternoon.

The robot would have feet just like those pictured above, and its tail might look something like this-


And his head. . . How about something like this-


And his Abbe Normal brain – why a LEGO Mindstorms RCX 2 brick, of course!


He’d look very much like this-


and he’d walk just like this-

It’s really amazing what Sprocket2Cog comes up with, and makes work. Some of the other hackers might talk about something like this unique Roboraptor/LEGO hybrid, but Sprocket actually does it and shares the adventure with all of us. Be sure to check out his website for details on this and some of his other creative robot creations and hacks.

Great stuff.

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One thought on “Abbe Normal Robot (Video)

  1. i want to download some vedio’s on ur robot activities. how can i do it.

    with thanks


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