A Little Robot Humor

Sprocket2cog is well known and respected among "The League Of Robot Hackers." All of us read his blog faithfully, and are frequently surprised and delighted by his fearless hacking and creativity. But, we wondered how his poor robots feel when they become unsuspecting victims on his operating table. So, we decided to ask the subject of one of his most recent hacks. . .

Here's what the Roboraptor had to say -


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One thought on “A Little Robot Humor

  1. They say you cant feel your own brains pain…but i do feel for the raptor.. he will rise like a pheonix from the flames of HAL…it “will” be alright dave.
    But we have the technology to rebuild him and her and another few as well….what do you think ? time to make a few raptors from the sum of its parts or just one really hacked one.The idea of making up two raptors, a running one and a fighting one seem cool…oh and then i have to do something with the brain as well. but thats another story….;|

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