Walkie Bits Turtle Robots Rock! (Video)

Ever since Walkie Bits, the pint sized robot turtle from Takara, was picked by Time Magazine as one of the top robot inventions of 2005 the stores here have been completely sold out. But, purely by chance, we happened to be in a toy store when a new shipment arrived, and . . .

We scored a Walkie Bits turtle!

  Isn’t it cute?

Here’s the video (be patient it may take a moment to load – turtles are a little slow at times )

As you can see, we’re a little bit cruel. We just had to turn it over on its back to see if it could get back up by itself.

Here are some more photos and comments-

  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s small enough you could put half a dozen in the palm of your hand easily.

  It comes packaged in this neat little metal tin – kind of like an old pill box my grandmother used to have.

  Pop open the lid, and there it is – all ready to run around and enjoy itself.

  The shell cover snaps off for easy battery replacement. The shells are interchangeable, so you can make different color combinations, or decorate them.

  The turtle head is at the bottom of this photo. There are small wheels in both front feet and the back of the body.

  The control circuit is sandwiched between the battery and the turtle’s body.


Note: This is just our own personal tribute to Walkie Bits. We are not affliated with Takara the creator of Walkie Bits in any way – we just love playing with them.


5 thoughts on “Walkie Bits Turtle Robots Rock! (Video)

  1. your turtle invention is so cool! i want one so bad! you rock Takara company!!!!! :) 😛

  2. i LOVE THEM !!! where can i get one?…i live in the U.S

  3. Omg they are so cute I wish I live in Japan because now I would have to ship them :(

  4. alright im a boy but i have to say those things are beast!!

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