Walkie Bits Decoded!

Ever since Time Magazine featured Takara’s Walkie Bits robot turtles as one of the best robot inventions of 2005, people outside of Japan have been desperate to get their hands on the cute little guys. And, once they do manage to get some, they have been facing the challenge of deciphering the Japanese instructions. Well, we can’t help you find them, but we do know where to find the English instructions. . .

It turns out that detailed English instructions for Walkie Bits not only exist, they are free for the down-loading (see link below). When the robots were first released back in June, Takara had the foresight to issue an English language press release. And, amazingly enough, that press release includes all the detailed instructions for the care, feeding, and operation of the fruit colored wonders.

The Takara wizards packed four different play modes into that turtle’s tiny little silicon brain-

First is the Walk mode where it can walk with eight different movements and sound patterns.

Second is the Rhythm mode where you can command it to walk in different slow-fast patterns.

Third is the Race mode which is best when you have two or more Walkie Bits and want to race them against each other.

Fourth is the Song mode which causes it to play a version of Mozart’s Toy Symphony.

The instructions also cover things like the six different “fruity-candy” colors, the interchangeable shells, ideas for personalization, and of course the technical details like the battery type, dimensions, weight, etc.


Takara Press Release with Walkie Bits Instructions [pdf file] (note: links updated 3/1/2006 due to the Takara/Tomy merger)

Takara Investor Relations webpage – Includes Takara press releases on Walkie Bits and other products not sold outside of Japan yet.

Note: Many thanks to Kennedy Gitchel who works for Takara and pointed us in the right direction.


5 thoughts on “Walkie Bits Decoded!

  1. Hi There!

    My Walkie Bits sound horrible in “sing” mode! It sounds like something inside is rattling (buzzing sound similar to a blown speaker). Is this normal with yours?

    I have two and one is worse than the other and I’m wondering if it’s just a low-batt issue.


  2. I just got couple of these Walkie bits and tried your posted website and found out the site is unavailable. Is it possible to get a copy from you or another website with the English instruction. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the link to the English instructions! :)

    Maya: It’s just the legs rattling against the carapace. If you place the turtle in your palm or in its original container while it “sings,” the problem diminishes or goes away completely. ^__^

  4. first, do yo know where i can get these for cheap in the US? second, i would like to say that if you have the time and money, you can get these from dave and buster’s for 250 tickets and are those the same as the japanese ones? and lastly, how do i work the rythm mode? everyone says to tap on their shell but if i do that more than 3 times it turns off. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi!
    I Have ordered a Walkie Bits from The Electronic Pet Shop =^-^=. was this a good idea?
    I am happy with the one I have ordered, (Blue with Dark Blue and White Spots) But I was wondering were I could find some Really Rare ones. I am also wondering were I can find Some other people who have Walkie Bits.

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