Two Famous Characters- One Robot, One Not (Video)

One nice side benefit of being a popular robot in Japan is that you get to meet all kinds of celebrities. One day you might be doing a music video with a J-Pop star, the next day you might get to exchange bows or handshakes with some high level government minister.


 VisiON ran through all his tricks for Ronald including playing soccer and doing situps.

So, when a Kyoto branch of the popular McDonald's fast food chain finished its 'renewal' earlier this year, VisiON was invited to celebrate with Ronald McDonald. We're not sure if Ronald in Japan is Japanese, or if like Santa Claus, there is one universal model that looks pretty much the same all over the globe.

As you can see by the video (see link below), Ronald was delighted by VisiON's performance. He better be careful. It won't be too long before we see robot Ronalds working behind the counter at the local McDonald outlets while Ronald ends up in the unemployment line.

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