Today Must Be National Asimo Robot Day In Japan

The Press must think that it's National Asimo Robot Day in Japan because every newspaper, magazine, and news website that includes robot news has very detailed reports from Tuesday's press conference. The PC-Watch website report is one of the best if you want to see what actually transpired yesterday.


PC-Watch is always a good source for detailed information and reports. The reporters are knowledgeable, and they frequently include video clips. For the Asimo press conference PC-Watch also included a few photos of slides presented by the Asimo developers during the event.

The photos on the PC-Watch report are thumb-nails that expand if you click on them. Some of the images and comments have a short video clip attached. Look for this mark just underneath many of the photos-


Click on it to watch the video, or do the right-mouse-click routine to save the video file to your hard disk. 


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