The Viper Strikes! (Video)

A few weeks ago we were extremely jealous when we found out that Sprocket2Cog managed to get his hands on one of the new Viper robot system kits from Microbric. Today we got a screening of the Viper promotional video, and its easy to see why he rushed out to buy one. The new Viper is totally outrageous!

Of course, as we mentioned in our earlier post, Microbric is only marketing the Viper through Dick Smith Electronics in Australia – at least for now. We can hardly wait for the kit to be sold outside the country – especially here in Japan. The video (see link below) is just over 5 minutes long and must have cost a small fortune. The production quality, stop motion action, and even the story line show off all the capabilities and potential of Viper to a “T”.

  Stop motion showing how the Microbric components come together in the Viper

  Downloading the program; basic operation; reconfiguration

  Modular assembly; robot sumo configuration; all four Viper configurations


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2 thoughts on “The Viper Strikes! (Video)

  1. Sprocket2Cog is the man!!!

    I remember talkin to him on MSN when he received it… he took a picture of him holdoing the box and all!!!

    however I did not see the Viper on this site, till today and after I had visited their main site, which i did a few hours ago when I was talking to him…. seems like a great bot!!

    look at those rims… do they have spinners????

    Basic programming, what else could anyone else ask for?

  2. Ive also managed to secure a line tracker upgrade as well.
    I watched the promo yesterday and its very cool.
    The young “geek” at the shop i got it from informed me that its a comman pic chip on the main controller, add that to the fact its serial based program interfacing and theres a huge potential for hacking this kit.
    I think ill be building some of my own modules for this as well to increase itsfunction, i hope hes prepared for his robot to get hacked!
    I noticed theres a few more on the shelf now, so if you want one let me know i might be able to work something out.

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