The Turtles Are Loose! (Video)


You know that a robot toy is going to be popular when people go to all the trouble of ordering from Hong Kong when they can't find it in their local stores. That's just what's happening with Walkie Bits, and videos are starting to show up on the internet to prove it.

For example, 'ringmaster' wanted some Walkie Bits robot turtles so bad that they had them shipped in from Hong Kong, then posted this video of the toy in action on the website:

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One thought on “The Turtles Are Loose! (Video)

  1. I have to say these things seem pretty cute. I hope they bring them to the US I bet they would sell great. I remember wanting to get a “Aquaroid” Jellyfish as soon as Iheard about them in Japan. They were made by Takara the same company that made these turtles I think.

    But sadly they never came to the States :( Theres always ebay I guess

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