The Robot 'Wow' Factor – Kiyomori


Want to see something really wicked? Something robotic that is so impressive that it makes a lot of the other robots you've seen look like toys? Something that's so fantastically cool you'll be drooling over it?


We could rattle on and on about how fantastic the performance of the Kiyomori robot is - after all it has 39 degrees of freedom including 14 degrees of freedom in its legs alone. It's the first robot we've seen that can actually walk like a human.

Other advanced robots, like Asimo, are certainly bipedal and can mimic human walking to a great extent. But, even so, they still tend to look as if they have a pretty severe case of hemorrhoids or diaper rash when they try to walk.

Why? Primarily because their knees are inflexible. Human beings, like you and I, actually flex our knees when we walk - and now, so does Kiyomori. The result is a walking gait that really looks like human walking instead of looking like a robot mimicking a human.

There's a lot more to Kiyomori than just the way he walks, but rather than listen to us, why not take a look for yourself?

Go to the new Kiyomori website and check it all out. Don't worry - the majority of the site is in English, and it's pretty intuitive. Our favorite is the video clip (movie 02 on the "Movie" page) that shows Kiyomori doing his stuff.


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